Date added: 06/10/2015 Ways to Keep the Summer Healthy

Healthy Technology

When trying to create a healthy lifestyle for our families, technology can often be seen as the enemy. Video games,

television, movies, and general web surfing can all be major distractions from the goal of getting active and getting outside. Even though these types of time-sucking tech devices are pervasive, technology does not always have to be the enemy.


There are now apps out there that allow kids to track what they eat in a healthy and kid-friendly way, without the use of a calorie counter feature. Calorie counters can often cause confusion about the overall healthfulness of a food or snack item by only monitoring the unit, and not taking into account the other nutritional elements.


Especially as the summer is beginning and kids are out of school, it can be easy to slip from routine and start negative habits. With more time out of the classroom and easier access to the technology temptations that we all face every day, it can be difficult to resist the soft glow of the screen. By integrating health-conscious technological applications with part of their summer routine, it can make your kid’s day fun and beneficial.


Although nothing replaces a good bike ride outdoors with a Glide Bike excursion!


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