Like others have noted, my son, age 2.75 yrs was able to use this immediately. By the third time out he could go more than 1/4 mile. He has not learned to use the brake yet. He adores this bike and rides it at any opportunity. It is great that the glide bar can be rotated 90 degrees out of the way of the feet with a simple button and hole mechanism. We have not yet put the glide bar for the feet in position yet to be used. It is great that the seat is so easily adjustable so that other kids can use and then be switched back to the right height. (Feet need to be able to be flat on the ground). It is great that it is so light - very useful when you have to carry the child in one arm and the bike in another. Easy to assemble. Great that the weight capacity is 100 lb because the older brother likes to take a spin because it is irresistable. Be sure to have child wear a good helmet at all times. .
"We bought the go glider because our 5 yr old grandson refused to ride his other bike without the training wheels. The Glider gave him instant confidence and soon was riding down small "hills" balanced perfectly without falling. He loves his new "glider" bike, and we couldn't be more pleased. Worth every penny! 5 stars!!!"
Thanks, Ed. I went ahead and ordered the Mini Glider. Our daughter is really fast on her bike now, so most people are surprised at how quick she can go. She has one friend her age who is riding a 'normal' bike with training wheels and Elli loves to race her. That little girl can't accelerate like Elli can on her glider bike though! We have another friend with a child 6 months older than our daughter who also has a 'normal' bike with training wheels and he cannot even ride. He wants to pedal backwards, and thus doesn't go anywhere. So he gets frustrated and doesn't want to ride at all.

We brought a tandem (custom made with couplers by da Vinci) over here that is orange, like our daughter's EZEE Glider, so that makes her feel part of the 'team' (our team colors in the States are orange/white).

I appreciate your quick communication!

Vicki Schow
Orange Go Glider
My son has Down Syndrome and got this balance bike for his 7th birthday, he so much wanted to ride a bike like his buddies but steering,balancing and pedaling simultaneously
Was just too much for him.So last birthday he got a great Kettler pedalcar,but we had to find out that he did not have enough strength and stamina to pedal that for longer.
After a lot of research on the net, I came up with this balance bike for bigger kids. He is 70 pounds and about 50" tall, so most all of the balance bikes on the market were too small for him..
The Go Glider is perfect size, it will grow with him for quite a time and guess what...
It took him about 1 minute to ride it balanced and steering it around corners. Yeah for the Glider!
I am so impressed with the lightweight and the sturdy quality.I think I might just get a big one or myself!!!!
Would I recommend it.? I can only say, anytime.If my son can ride it and have fun with it so will any child.
And what is the best part about it, it looks cool and stylish and orange is his favorite color and all of his friends want to ride it.
You guys made my son soooooo more able and happy.
Thank you!."
– Scarlett
Greetings Ed!

You recently have been communicating with my mom, Donna D and were so very kind and helpful in the ordering of a bike for my daughter Maya! I just wanted to send you two photos of Maya getting her new bike on Christmas morning and thank you so very much for giving us both a light and bell for free with the bike purchase! My daughter absolutely loves her new bike and the accessories that you included and she gets better and better at “riding” it each day! She currently just likes to put her feet on the foot pegs and have us push her around. I think we will need to temporarily remove the pegs so that she can get the idea of pushing herself around (and give mom and dad’s backs a break! J).

I know my mom had such a wonderful experience ordering my daughter’s bike from you and your company and I too want to thank you for such a great experience as well. I have a lot of respect for you designing a bike for your kids as you were so tired of dealing with training wheels! I will gladly tell other parents about my experience with your company and how much my daughter loves her new bike!
Thank you again!
This bike is fantastic! My 3 year old son loves this bike and can comortably fly down hills with his feet up balancing the whole way. After owning the bike for 1.5 years we needed a quick part, due to normal wear/tear, and Ed shipped the part out immediately, free of charge. Now my son is back up on the glider and flying around the neighborhood again. He is 3! Thanks, again. This is a great product!
I purchased a Go Glider a few weeks ago. Our kids had training wheels on their bikes and, due to busy schedules, we got a late start on the business of teaching them to ride without them. I did a lot of research on the best way to teach them how to ride and I found balance bikes. The reason that I did so much research is because I never learned to ride a bike myself. When my sister tried to teach me, the experience was so traumatic that I stopped and never tried again. I wanted my kids to have a better experience. So, we bought a Go Glider for my 7, 6 and 6 year olds to share. My 7 year old has been out 3 times, with no more than 15 minutes on the glider each time. On her 3rd outing, she was already trying out the pedals on her regular bike. Amazing! No bumps, bruises, fear, or stress! The 6 year olds are taking a little longer, but I'm sure they'll be there soon after they see the progress their big sister has made. I only wish that I had discovered glide bikes when the kids were 2 years old. We never would have wasted our time with training wheels.
Despite all our encouragement, which included several different bikes, stabiliser adjustments, pushing, towing, and lots of gasping for breath as well as professionally run courses, there had been an increasing amount of frustration on all our parts as eventually my six year old son used up every excuse in the book to avoid going anywhere near a bike never mind sit on one or ride it. It was clear he was going to be 'one of those' children who would never learn to ride a bike, despite his twin sister riding a bike since being under five. To all intents and purpose we gave up.

As part of my job as a Paediatric Physiotherapist I had seen balance bikes advertised in several publications and had read a report from another Physiotherapist who had a good result with her child. Unfortunately all the bikes I looked at were too small. When my son was six and a half I was made aware of glider bikes and we got the Go glider model three months ago. My initial impression was of the light weight of the glider bike compared to my son's latest bicycle. I was also very impressed with the quality of construction and finish. My son liked the brake, side stand and the wheels which 'were like Daddy's motorbike'. However, despite this positive first impression my son was still very reluctant to try it, as after so much failure he was convinced he wouldn't be able to manage it.

One Saturday morning as my wife left to go shopping her parting words were ‘just see if he will have a go on that glider bike '. Having spent the previous few days trying the pedal bike with varying degrees of failure, I have to say I was not keen. After a little bribery an agreement was made where he would have a go, in exchange for his favourite batman DVD on the TV. We started off with a gentle push and glide to see how far we could go with a new greater distance and much praise every time he beat the last ‘world record'.

By the time my wife returned for lunch, he was using the glider bike independently, happy and keen for her to see his skill (and the batman DVD was forgotten). When she popped out for an hour later in the afternoon, he asked for another go 'just to see if he could still do it'. I suggested we get his bike as well, to see what it was like compared to his glider bike. We had a quick push and I said if he felt like it he should have a go at pedalling. To my utter astonishment he proceeded to pedal off into the distance (it turns out, too scared to turn and unable to stop because the brakes were too stiff compared to the glider bike!) upon my wife's return she was amazed to see a child who that morning was positively unwilling to even sit on a bike proudly pedalling up and down outside our house! I would love to think that this was due to my skill but in reality I know it was down to the glider bike. In the following weeks he has used his glider bike to try new things transferring these skills to his push-bike.

The only negative is the fighting between him, his sister and their friends over who gets to use it! I am quite confident that without the glider bike my son would have not learned to ride a bike. We were all completely disheartened and this was our last go. Having seen the change in my son, I cannot recommend the product highly enough and am more than happy to provide this testimonial.
Dear Mr Mulcahy,

I am writing to you with a progress report concerning the Glider Bikes we purchased from you earlier this year.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the Glider Bikes have proved to be a huge success with our children. They are extremely popular and are always in use as soon as we are outdoors, being the first piece of equipment that the children ask for.

There have also been many other benefits for the children apart from just being a fun and exciting activity. We have noticed:

Increased balance and co-ordination skills with children moving at a greater pace and for longer distances before needing to put their feet on the ground.

They are also show greater spatial awareness and an understanding of how an increase in speed will need to be matched by looking further ahead to look for upcoming obstacles and allowing for a greater breaking distance.

An understanding of why a crash helmet must be used before being allowed to use a Glider.

Better skills of co-operation while waiting in orderly lines for their turn.

Transferring knowledge and techniques of how to get the best performance from a Glider through discussion with their friends and observation of their peers in action.

The Glider Bikes have been a valuable resource in our children's development and we look forward to increasing our stock in the future. I would be happy to recommend the product to other schools, parents and sporting agencies.

Yours sincerely,
Andrew Bell

Newker Primary School
Chester le Street
County Durham
Hi Ed,
I talked to you on the phone this morning about my son's MiniGlider brake issue.

I appreciate your promptness and will definitely still recommend this bike as my 3.5 yr old boy already seems comfortable gliding downhill with his feet on the pegs...after only 2 days!
He also would not put it down...made me ride around for hours on Saturday and Sunday!
(I posted a 1st day video on your FB)
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