I would like to thank you for one of the best shopping experiences. My grandson has autism and has not been able to master a regular bike (even though he wants to very much). When we came across the information about the Glide Bike, we knew we needed to try it for him. I placed my order right before Christmas, not expecting to hear anything until after Christmas or New Year's. I received a call the next day from a delightful young man who was filling the order and realized you did not have the helmet I ordered. He wanted to know if I wanted to cancel the helmet or he would trade it out for a better one at the same price. This young man was so very helpful, he even helped me decide what size I needed. Thanks to Glide Bikes and your most excellent employee my grandson got his bike for his birthday on New Year's Day......there were even lights included. You should have seen his face when he saw it, he was all smiles and tried it up and down the hallway. I feel sure that when we get it adjusted correctly to him he is going to fly like the wind.
A heartfelt THANK YOU Glide Bikes.
I would like to say Thank You to Glide Bikes! My son got the mini for his 2nd birthday and mastered it within a month. He is now 6 and rides a pedal bike and also races BMX bikes and his little red mini is still his favorite bike to ride! It has now become his "trick" bike!
I would just like to let you know that this afternoon my daughter learned to ride a bike!
We have been building up to it since we got the bike for her birthday, using just the foot-pegs, no pedals. Slowly we have gone from just going along balancing to finally lifting feet up onto the pegs. In fact, feet up on the pegs was only this morning, but that was the confidence boost she needed - and she actually asked me to put the pedals on!
There was a trial run, just scooting with one foot on the pedals, then without exaggeration, she just lifted both feet onto the pedals and made two or three revolutions. Well that was it. If you have done it once, the rest is just practice - within five minutes she had maneuvered a gentle corner at the bottom of our road and was all for cycling off before mum and I told her to hold up!
This is a girl who is dyspraxic, dyslexic, has hyper-mobility, poor core strength and has speech and language processing problems. This is a girl who takes stairs one tread at a time so as not to over balance. She showed off to her elder brother by using the pedals properly to push off from a standing start.
Your bike is one of the best investments we have ever made. I have tried three wheeled scooters, 'over-sized' scooters, bikes with training wheels - all relegated to the bottom of the garden. A 12 year old girl does not want a bike with training wheels. Even without the pedals your glide bike looked like a 'proper' big girls bike. The sit up and beg riding position and the low center of gravity coupled with excellent proper brakes gave her the confidence to balance and then, today to ride a bike.
A whole new world has opened up. She is already talking of cycling to the town center with me.
Thank you to everyone for making this possible.
Sincerest kind regards,
Marc Carter

Thanks for sending out the rear wheel for my sons Ezee Glider! Y'all are awesome and he cannot waiiittttt to get back up and running :) As soon as I can get his back wheel put back on we will be out and about and I will post a picture of him on his favorite toy...seriously, your bikes are phenomenal everywhere we go on it people ask about it. You've done such a great job with them! Thanks so much for all your help...
5.0 out of 5 stars Best Money I ever spent, July 12, 2012
I purchased this glide bike for my Son when he was less than two for Christmas. Everyone thought I was crazy. By the spring at less than 2 1/2 he was riding this and a big boy bike (no training wheels). Now, three years later I have taught countless neighbors and relatives using this bike. Almost every visitor to our house who is a non rider, leaves being able to ride. The bike has held up well and still looks great. No glide bike I have seen balances at such a low speed and makes learning to ride so natural and easy.
I never leave a review unless the product is terrible. But let me make this extremely easy for anybody on the fence.....IT WORKS! My very tall 6yr old son learned how to ride a real 20" bike with no training wheels after only 4 evenings on the GO GLIDER. We tried for 3 LONG years to teach my son how to ride. I have never had a better feeling on spending money on my child then this. We just left Disney and that felt like a waste of money compared to this...I wish the internet world could see my son's face right now. And to be specific, I think separating the two components of bike riding is key. He knew how to pedal, but the training wheels stopped him from balancing. The bike is soooo light weight. Long story short I will be ordering a Mini-Glider for my 3 year old. Thank you Glide Bikes!

Love it!

Every night after dinner, my 5 year old hops on her glide bike & we take a walk/ride. She loves that it looks like a bike, but is different enough that everyone oohs & ahhs over it. She loves the kickstand too! It was easy to assemble. (Ours came with 2 seats, normal?) It is pretty self explanatory as to use, no one has to hold on or demonstrate to her. I also like that she can use it this summer & by next summer my now 18 mos old will be ready to use it. The seat range on it is really great! It raises & lowers so I really think it is a great value!
Bike you kid will love!

I bought this for my two and a half year old. She was asking for a bike and when I let her try a tricycle,a bike with support wheels and a balance bike I saw she took to the balance bike most. It is a good idea for kids who still find it hard to pedal. On this bike she quickly learned to ride rather fast, occasionally taking her feet of the ground, to keep her balance and to steer. The seat and the handle bar can be height adjusted, so the bike can be used for a few years .It is the only bike with a foot bar which rotates into on and off position.
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