I’ve recommended Glide Bikes to plenty of friends. I’m so impressed with how easy it was for my 4 year old to pick up pedaling after riding the balance bike. He had the balance part down already so all he had to do was learn to pedal, which took about a week. We had two kids go the traditional route of bike with training wheels and then taking the training wheels off. It was a much easier transition with the balance bike than the training wheels. Impressed with the pedal assembly. I guess I was a little skeptical at how good they could be as a bolt-on feature but they’re great. In hindsight I think I would have gone ahead and installed the chain sprocket when I put the bike together the first time. Once that was done, it was pretty easy. Looking to buy our family’s second Glide Bike now that my boy has gotten a little bigger. On to the GO Glide bike!

Adam T
The children have been able to use the bikes and absolutely loved them!!!! At first, they did have some trouble because they wanted to pick up their feet right away before learning to balance. There are several international students who they said you could tell had never rode a tricycle or saw a bike. Theses students have been exposed to something they can learn and grow with over their one to two years in preschool as some come in the class at 3 with disabilities. The students have learned to patiently wait for their turns and even help push one another at times. The bikes even opened up learning about a bike and the names of the parts and colors in English as a majority do not speak fluent English yet--the bikes also sparked conversation between the students. The bikes have opened up their world so to speak.Thanks again!
After several failing attempts to teach our son Paolo to ride a bike, we kind of lost hope. Paolo has problems with his balance together with sensory integration issues.
His OT therapist has suggested to try the Go Glider, after seen a child using it, it was the best advice we could get!
As soon as we got it, Paolo liked the stable sitting position and started gliding!
After 1 month and a half of practicing every single day and enjoying the progresses, Paolo was confident and ready for the next step: a pedaling bike! Just after 2 weeks, yesterday we went for a bike ride to his favorite ice cream place, and he biked there by himself!! I honestly couldn't believe it just a few months ago.
We are extremely grateful to the Go Glider company for having designed a tool that can take children, even with motor planning problems, to experience and practice every little step, that come natural for others, in their journey of independence in riding a bike! Thank you!
We've spent several summers trying to get the stabilisers off his bike. It's been about a month and a half, with only a small amount of weekend practice on the Go Glider. Today we put our son on a brand new pedalled bike today. There was no hesitation, no worry - off he went down the street as if he'd been cycling for years. It was brilliant.
Just thought I would give an update after purchasing the go glider for our son, after using it on our holidays in the north (Whitley bay/ south shields, we didn't send him down penshaw monument ) Zakary gained confidence and used his bike when he went back to school in September.
This weekend we got his pedal bike out and removed stabilizers he got on and off he went!!!!
Such a huge change from the little boy who wouldn't get on his pedal bike before the summer, he now wants to ride it to school.
Thank you for your help in choosing the go glider for our son.
Dylan is having a great time gliding! Brings tears to our eyes to see how awesome he is doing with this & so quickly! The whole concept and design of the Super Glider is amazing, it is truly a beautiful bike like no other! As an 11yr old with high functioning autism he has struggled with so many things including not being able to balance a bike and ride along with the other kids. Over the years we have purchased an adult sized trike, a Mobo, and several scooters so he would at least have something to "ride" with the others, but just wasn't "the same" as the other kids so the interest fell quickly. He took to this so easily, way faster than we ever thought and he is grinning ear to ear with excitement and pride! He's doing sooo well, we may be ready for the pedals in just a few more days!

I also wanted to mention as it may be helpful to others but not sure about the laws and programs in other states. Here in MN, with our child being on the spectrum and having a learning disability, our Human Services has a program called the Family Support Grant. This allows families to purchase items, specialty items to enable their child to progress or achieve a goal that they otherwise would continue to struggle with. These items need to be approved through an application process and they have pretty strict guidelines as to what types of things and cost etc. I just wanted to pass along that I applied for this grant, sending them all the info I could find from your website about the Super Glider and how it was created & designed for special needs kids who haven't been able to learn how to balance a bike. They were impressed beyond belief that there is such an awesome new "device" out there to help these children! They approved Dylan's grant without question and that is how we were able to purchase one for him!!

Edit from Webmaster:
For more information on Family Support Grants and Cash Subsidies the following website is a good starting point for research: http://autismnow.org/funding-and-public-policy/family-support-grants-and-cash-subsidies/
More to come.
Awesome! Our 4-year old loves gliding down the driveway! Last year he walked the bike everywhere and this year he's zooming around all over the place! He's totally getting the hang of the balance thing. He's going to be riding a 2 wheeler in no time!
My son started on the Ezee Glider shortly after his third birthday and it was the reason he learned to ride a two-wheel bike a few months before his fourth birthday. He absolutely loved it and kept returning to it even after becoming proficient on his regular bike. There weren't many good choices for 12" bikes, so we ended up getting him a nearly 30lb behemoth from a toy store. Now that he's approaching his fifth birthday and getting a little taller, I started searching around for a 16" bike that was lightweight so he could get up hills a little easier; unfortunately, no such thing exists. I wish the good people at Glide Bikes would start making pedal bikes too! The materials you use and the geometry of your gliders would transition well to 16 and 20 inch bikes for kids. Thanks! -Tim
Yesterday our daughter - who turned 3 last month - let someone borrow her balance bike to try. While her balance bike was being used by another child she hopped on her brothers old pedal bike. To our surprise she took off! It is a right of passage that as a parent we are never quite ready for. But she certainly is stoked!


Thank you Glide Bikes! She couldn't have done it without you!

-Ashley, Tony, Ashton & Ansley
My 5 1/2 year old grandson just hopped on his first ever pedal bike...........and took off. Learned to ride a bike in 5 minutes, thanks to his two years on a glide bike!
First a mini-glider, then a go-glider.
Never had training wheels. No need for that added piece of equipment.

Thank you so much!
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