Date added: 09/03/2014 Teaching Kids How to Ride


Demonstration is a very important part of the learning process. It allows children to see what actions need to be performed in order to achieve the desired result: learning balance. While a typical bike with training wheels or tricycle will allow children to start off pedaling with little to no instruction, a balance bike takes personal responsibility, you have to push yourself to learn to glide! This means that the initial steps for how to get started on the cycling journey can be expedited through demonstration and teaching your kids how to begin.

In an ideal scenario a parent, or even older sibling or friend might demonstrate the basic motions of how to start off on a balance bike and how to slowly begin experimenting with balance. You can see our Licensed Certified Instructor demonstrating for a group as part of our Clinic for Exceptional Children below.

By starting out with a slow and steady ‘walking of your bike’ (you can do this with the pedals still on your bike and the seat lowered) and having your child follow behind the demonstrator, then showing how to slowly start experimenting with lifting up one leg at a time and eventually both, your kids will have a real strong grasp on how to begin their journey.

Of course, sometimes it doesn’t make sense for the parents to demonstrate, maybe your bike is out of commission, or the seat height isn’t able to go down low enough. Regardless of the reason sometimes it is just simpler to have your kiddos watch a video of how ‘experienced’ balance bikers ride and that will give them the instruction they need to get out there and glide. Here and here are a few great examples of such videos, where kids are walking, lifting their legs, and then balancing.

Picking the ideal location for both the demonstration and initial practice can certainly help with your child’s learning process. Taking your bike outside and using a gentle slope to help encourage the momentum of your child’s bike is a perfect place to start. This makes the concept of why your child would want or need to lift their legs click! Being able to glide down a gentle slope keeps the bike moving, but not going too fast. It allows your kids to have control while still being able to practice balance.

The best time to complete this type of task would be during the first time using a Glide Bike. This sets up a relaxed learning experience for your kids that encourages them to feel comfortable and able to challenge themselves. Remember that seeing allows you to achieve and the demonstration that you offer your child, whether it is you on a bike or a child in a video, is a part of the toolkit that will allow kids to succeed.