Date added: 06/24/2014 Super Glider Sneak Peak

The Super Glider was originally released in 2011 with a focus on helping older kids, adults and individuals with special needs feel the same exhilaration of being on two wheels as those who learned how to ride bikes at a younger age. The bike retains all the qualities of our other balance bikes such as a lightweight frame, low center of gravity for improved stability, and even foot pegs. The great thing about the Super Glider is that once the rider has mastered the balancing aspect of the bicycle, it can be transformed into a fully functioning pedal bike thanks to the pedal and crank assembly which is included.

Although the first generation Super Glider was a big hit, the Glide Bikes design team went back to the drawing board to see if it can be made even better.  The goals were to improve the stability, comfort, and handling characteristics of the bike, and to improve the pedal attachment system.  The geometry was fine tuned for a more comfortable rider position that incorporates “flat foot” technology and easy maneuvering. The pedal attachment system was completely redesigned and is now stronger than the earlier system and easier to change over from foot pegs. After two years of re-designing and testing prototypes in various situations, the Super Glider is finally complete!

With the new bikes being ready to ship in mid-July, the Glide Bikes team is excited to show off the Super Glider’s many applications to potential customers. Children, adults, individuals with special needs, and post-surgical rehab are among the many potential customers who can benefit from this hybrid balance bike/ pedal bike.

One such example of the Super Glider’s capacity of aiding in the rehabilitation process after surgery or accident is from one of Glide Bike’s own team members. Nujshi Vang, Glide Bikes Customer Support Leader, suffered a mountain bike injury that required ACL surgery earlier this year. Throughout his rehabilitation he was able to utilize the aide of the Super Glider, helping him regain mobility, strengthen joints and leg muscles, and enjoy the freedom of two wheels again. After 4 months, and with the assistance of the Super Glider, Mr. Vang was then comfortable enough to convert the Super Glider from the balance bike function to the pedal bike function and was able to ride some trails, while maintaining balance and being seated confidently and comfortably.

Throughout the process of Mr. Vang’s recovery he was recording his progress and even filmed some of his thoughts regarding the mental tolls that physical surgery can have on a person isolated to performing only limited physical functions. The Super Glider was able to create experiences for him that would not have been possible otherwise, allowing him to exercise and strengthen his core, balance, and joints.

Glide Bikes is now accepting pre-orders for the all new Super Glider and it will be available in two beautiful metallic colors: Ocean Blue and Super Silver. Each Super Glider will come with all of the necessary components, hardware, and simple to follow instructions to convert it into a fully functioning pedal bike. For more information or to be placed on our priority waiting list, please email