Date added: 05/29/2014 Staying hydrated during the summer?



Staying hydrated during the 


Sometimes it can be easier said than done. That’s why we’ve assembled this simple list of things to remember while you’re out in the sun, so you and your family stay hydrated, even in the heat!

Cycling, swimming, hiking, and playing can all drain you of that much needed hydration. Tack on the added effects of heat and direct sun and you just added a whole other level of protection that’s needed to prevent heat sickness, and avoid turning a fun summer day out into an unpleasant memory.

With that in mind pay close attention to these tips and tricks to avoid fainting, weakness, or discomfort that may lead to cutting short an outing and staying in doors or even a trip to the doctor.


1. Drink water throughout the day.

hydrateKeep a bottled water, or a bottle of water with you so that you can keep hydrating throughout the day. When you become dehydrated and your muscles aren’t able to retain the proper amount of fluids, they literally shrivel up and work less efficiently. Often referred to as, muscle fatigue, it can cause you to lose strength and if it continues, may lead to feeling faint or weak which can be signs of heat sickness.

2. Stay in the shade.hydrate

Trees, buildings, and other coverings and structures are huge assets when it comes to protecting your skin, your water, and your strength. Avoiding direct contact with the sun offers you protection in all sorts of ways. Although those relaxing days at the beach offer moments of clarity, reflection and are a ton of fun, it’s important to remember to bring protection and only stay in direct sunlight for limited amounts of time, especially if it’s been a while since you have had prolonged sun exposure. Bring a hat, visor, or umbrella if you plan on sitting somewhere for a while. And, although sunscreen won’t help you stay hydrated as well as avoiding direct exposure to the sun, it will offer you the opportunity to avoid a nasty sunburn!



hydrate3. Make a plan, set a date, and stick to a set time for activities.

Although planning ahead doesn’t directly have anything to do with keeping your bodies healthy and full of fluids, creating a schedule of what you are going to do and when, before you go out and seize the day, can ensure that you don’t get caught outside and unprotected during midday heat waves. Check the weather the weekend before to make sure the it will be cool enough outside for physical activity. If the weather will be particularly hot, try to avoid being outside in open, unshaded areas during the heat of midday. In your plan you can include bringing along water, snacks, hats, ice packs and other tools that help your family stay hydrated and can help them cool off when necessary.


Summer is upon us, so get outside and enjoy it! Just make sure you bring your water along for the ride.