Date added: 04/08/2014 Spring is Here, and So Are Allergies!

Tree PollenThis winter has been a long, cold, and did I mention long winter? Although things are beginning to turn around as far as the weather is concerned, the prolonged cold temperatures this year may have lasting effects into spring. It turns out that those extra weeks of sunless skies actually delayed the pollination of some trees.

This means more concentrated pollen counts later on this spring season, which for those of us who thrive in the outdoors but also suffer from allergies doesn’t leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling in the back of your throat, unless that warm fuzzy feeling is one of your allergy symptoms. The doom and gloom that a runny nose and watery eyes bring with it can be a bit overwhelming, but there are some ways to minimize the sneeze effect, more on that later. 

So, what should you do to make sure you’re minimizing the effect of pollen in your life? After spending time outside in the elements be sure and change your clothes, take the opportunity to thoroughly wash your hair, and be mindful to minimize tracking pollen indoors. If you have serious allergies make sure you’re talking to your doctor before the pollen season comes to full bloom in front of us.

Pollen Map


Some of the early indicators for pollen counts are already very high, and being in North Carolina, Glide Bikes can attest to the increase of pollen.  The thin layer that has been collecting on all of our cars over the last week or two is a constant reminder of it! This means that you can start practicing being proactive with your pollen minimization techniques now.


Interested in learning how your city ranks as far as pollen count goes? The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America released their Spring Allergy Capitals for 2014. You can find out where your city ranks at


Go outside! Take that bike ride, have that long delayed picnic in the park! Just remember to go home and take a shower when you’re done! Happy spring and happy outdoor adventuring! 

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