Date added: 03/26/2014 Spring is Here!

Spring is finally here, even though it might not feel like it just yet. Along with the hope of increased sunshine, blooming flowers, and spring time attire comes more opportunities to play in the great outdoors. The winter weather kept many of us inside for longer than usual this year and now we’re all chomping at the bit to get out to the mountains, the beach, and the activities that keep us connected to nature and life.

For Glide Bikes, spring means it’s time for more bike rides, more time for kids learning how to glide, and more learning how to balance. Using the safe, proven method of balance bikes to encourage your children to get a head start on learning how to ride this spring season will allow you the best opportunity to get your kids biking with no fear, just confidence boosting achievement.

What’s our recommendation to parents and kids who are ready to get on their first pedal bike this spring or summer?

Practice, practice, practice. Spend more time getting familiar with your balance bike, start lifting your legs more to experiment with balance, and continue to increase your speed as you begin to feel more comfortable with the bike and lifting your legs at the speed you’re already going.


And please remember to always wear a helmet.