Date added: 05/27/2015 Princeton School District Success!

JoAnn Moats, a Developmental Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Princeton School District shared with us her Glide Bikes experience and the success she's had with Glide Bikes, both in her personal life, and professional: 

"When I first hear about using balance bikes to teach kids how to ride a 2-wheel bike, I was very interested to see if it really worked. purchased a small glide bike to test out the idea with my 4 younger grandchildren.  Unbelievable!  I had them all riding within a few days.  
Being a teacher of students with special needs, I decided it would be a great idea to use glide bikes with my students. The results have been amazing! In late September, 2014, I received my glide bikes and since then, 4 of my students are now riding 2-wheel bikes! Three of my students have  downs syndrome and one has physical disabilities. They are all so happy and excited to be able to ride a bike like their peers.  They are beaming with confidence!  As an adapted physical education teacher, mother, and grandmother, I will always teach a child, with or with out disabilities, to ride a bike by beginning on a glide bike.  Thank you glide bike for all your help and direction!"
- JoAnn Moats