Date added: 04/22/2014 New Amtryke Products

Glide Bike

Glide Bikes has been dedicated to creating successful experiences that allow children to develop the skills that make riding bicycles a natural and simple rite of passage. By offering an easy, fun way to learn balance, improve motor skills and increase confidence, Glide Bikes has been a go-to brand for children of all ages and abilities, including those with special needs. As a part of continuing to encourage all children to learn how to cycle and stay actively engaged in their physical development, Glide Bikes is proud to announce our new partnership with AmTryke.

AmTryke offers an assortment of adaptive cycles, including hand and foot cycles as well as cycles that include both hand and foot cycling properties. Glide Bikes is thrilled to be able to give our customers more variety through our new AmTryke offerings, allowing more children to experience the joy and freedom of controlling your mobility.

Please check out our new AmTryke products here.


Happy gliding!