Date added: 07/29/2014 More than a Toy

Balance bikes offer so many outlets to children everywhere. It goes much further than simply teaching a child how to ride a bike. It delves into affecting their outlook, shaping their experiences, and creating confidence. Balance bikes offer experiences that can be life changing. From being able to go faster than ever before, to building up the control to shape how you ride a bike, to feeling the exhilaration and confidence that is created through these positive interactions with balance bikes. Kids will be changed forever. Even timid riders can be exposed to fun, fast paced, physical exertion that is both enjoyable and confidence building.

photo credit: Rishu83 via photopin cc

Balance bikes can show you a new side of yourself. It is possible to be unaware of what you’re capable of until you are handed the right tools for the job. Handing a child a balance bike does more than offer them a great way of learning the necessary skills to begin cycling, it also gives than an opportunity to discover their abilities at their own pace. This leads to increased confidence and appreciation for their own capabilities. 

Balance bikes offer outlets. Children who are full of confidence and energy need a way to explore and move without negative repercussions. Giving them a balance bike creates the perfect place for them to express their fearlessness and their thirst for adventure. Even if it’s only a quick turn around the cul-de-sac, the feeling of flight that comes from speeding off down the driveway is an irreplaceable sensation that allows kids control the bike while experiencing unparalleled excitement. 

Balance bikes shape your perspective. Having positive experiences with balance bikes at a young age can cultivate a long term future relationship between your child and a world filled with cycling, other forms of physical activity, and an appreciation for the outside world. Cycling promotes unity between cyclists and their environment, and this is just as true for young balance bike riders as it is for their adult counterparts. 

Balance bikes create community. Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage that creates excitement and belonging to children from all walks of life. By offering your child the best toy and tool to encourage the development of their skills, they will be sure to succeed when it’s time to pedal. You are giving them a way to easily come into their own, and join their peers in becoming competent bike riders. 

Balance bikes challenge the status quo. It’s pretty typical to see training wheels everywhere, and it can be astounding how many kids are still struggling to take off for that first time on their pedal bike. Of course, balance bikes attempt to eliminate any type of struggle when it comes to the balancing, but it also allows kids to start off the traditional pedal biking experience on a note of excitement and anticipation, instead of fear and anxiety. 

Balance bikes guide you to the next step. The progression from balance bike to traditional pedal bike is normal and natural. Kids intuitively take those steps and with minimal, and sometimes zero parental instruction, kids are quickly zooming off from their starting locations. The more they practice the more time they spend with their feet off the ground and their bikes staying upright. Balance bikes just naturally foster growth and learning, it is more than just a toy, it’s a tool for success.