Date added: 11/11/2013 Just Say, “No,” to Pushing

This rule holds true not only in the playground, but with balance bikes as well. We hear a lot of stories about parents who start their youngster off by pushing the back of their bike seats so that their child can go fast. Although that does sound like a lot of fun, we have to admit, it’s not a good method to help your child learn to balance!

As you can imagine when you start your child out with a quick paced push, it becomes a bit of a letdown to realize that you will now need to run and power the bike yourself. That’s why we like to, “Just say ‘No’ to pushing!”

If parents are able to resist that initial urge to push, their children will be perfectly pleased with pushing the bike with their own two feet, and in the process they will be learning how to balance that must sooner, and that much easier.