Date added: 12/18/2013 It's Not Too Late

Teaching kids how to ride a bike is no easy task at any age, but somehow the older a child gets, the more difficult it can be to motivate them to learn. They may have never been interested in learning, or perhaps they got frustrated after taking off the training wheels. Regardless of the cause, if your older child has yet to master bike riding, a Go Glider balance bike can be a great training tool to acquire the necessary skills.

Learning how to ride a bike as an older child offers many benefits, from granting kids a sense of independence and freedom, to offering them an easy and fun way to get exercise. Many children who did not learn how to ride bike when they were younger are hesitant to learn later because their peers are already riding a traditional bike. That’s one of the reasons that the Go Glider is such a great option for your 5-10 year old! Although this is a tool to help guide kids through the process of learning balance, it’s also a fun toy to use, even after you’ve mastered the pedal bike!


Many children continue to ride their balance bikes for the entire time that they fit on it (up to five years)! From tricks and jumps to speed racing and tracks, a balance bike is a great way to have fun and makes a great addition to any young adventurer’s toy collection. The bike is able to hold children up to 125 pounds in weight and comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure that your child gets the most out of their bike riding experience!