Date added: 03/13/2015 Introducing the Fat Glider!

Have you ever thought about taking your bike out to unexplored territory? Perhaps you’ve had dreams of riding in the snow, or sand, but have been dissuaded by the fact that your bike might not be able to handle the pressure. All of these worries can now be set aside for Youths looking for a little adventure!Fat Glider Beach

The brightly colored bicycle is equipped to handle challenging terrain that the average bike can’t conquer. Available in three different color combinations, disk brakes and a 24 speed shifter, all you’ll need to do is grab a helmet and you’re prepared to venture out to the great outdoors, in any kind of weather and in any terrain.

The Fat Glider is the new way to ride, and it’s tons of fun! Equipped with 3” super wide tires, multi-terrain riding is now a breeze. While other bikes struggle in the snow, sand, or soft dirt, the Fat Glider rises to the challenge. With its super high volume tires, obstacles are easily negotiated and the increased traction makes these hazardous conditions a ride in the park! Go where other bikes dare not to go with the Fat Glider and expand your horizons. 

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