A Bike, Pop Maker, and Firefly Kit


Everyone knows the legend of the late-afternoon sun. She rides into town on the back of a warm breeze and sticks around until the last leaf has fallen from the trees.

Three ways to welcome her back.


Glide Bike
Looking more like a big-kid mountain bike than a toddler glider, the new balance bike ($100) gives riders a lower center of gravity, helping them achieve balance sooner — at the tortoise-like pace of one and a half miles per hour. It’s small enough for kidlets to climb on while keeping both feet on the ground; our 3-year-old didn’t take long to figure out how to ride off into the sunset.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

The countertop popsicle maker ($50) turns yogurt, lemonade, or fruit into frozen treats in less than ten minutes. Your kids will be mesmerized by the magic of it (no electricity, no buttons, no lights). You’ll be enchanted by the results: an after-dinner snack that’s as natural as the ingredients you put in.

Ready, Set … Glow Firefly Kit

Watch their faces light up when they see the activity kit ($29.50), complete with a glow-in-the-dark T-shirt. An unbreakable jar, magnifying glass, and safe catching guidelines teach your budding entomologists everything they need to know about the flashy little buggers.




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