Date added: 09/25/2014 Healthy Kids, Healthy Lifestyle

Balance bikes make it simple for your family to have a healthy lifestyle. Imagine, your child’s first bike. It’s an opportunity for growth and excitement, it offers us a way to encourage our children to use and develop their skills, with the aim to have them learn how to ride a bike. All of these are great reasons for a balance bike, however, one of the best reasons to get a balance bike is how easily it can become a way for the whole family to get outside together.

You pull up to the park, giving your kids an opportunity to practice on their balance bike. But it doesn’t stop there you’re walking with them, and so is the rest of your family. Whether your child is just starting out on a balance bike and slowly walking the bike with intermittent attempts at scooting forward while seated, or if they are full-fledged racers and speeding down the paths, walkways and hills, this experience gives the whole family a reason to be outside and acting healthy.

Glide Bikes was created with the goal of creating positive cycling experiences for children at a young age so that they can grow up enjoying bike riding without any of the fear or uncertainty that often taints the bike learning experience that is typical of transitioning out of training wheels. We think that giving kids an easy, exciting, fun way to learn how to cycle is instrumental in helping them develop healthy habits they will continue using into adulthood.

If you’re looking for a simple way to incorporate healthy living and exercise into your child’s daily routine then a balance bike from Glide Bikes is the perfect solution. Not only are you fostering a positive experience for one of the most standard coming of age moments in a kid’s life but you’re also  giving them a life-long tool for an easy way to get outside, connect with the world around them, and to stay active and healthy.

Balance bikes might not change the world but they can offer a simple solution that makes living healthy with your kids an obtainable goal. If your kids are too scared to get on a bike with training wheels, if they’ve had a tough time with tricycles, or shown little interest in getting outside and learning to pedal a balance bike can really help to alter their perspective. Instead of being a daunting task that parents pressure them into, it can be something fun and engaging. Running the bike, lifting their legs, it’s something that is a fun toy that kids will continue to use even once they’ve mastered the balance bike and have graduated into the world of traditional pedal bikes.

You shouldn’t have to try too hard to get your child to ride a bike, or get excited about getting outside. Sometimes if you can make the transition as natural of a one as possible kids get to experience the outdoors and exercise as a treat and a reward, instead of something that is forced upon them.