Date added: 12/02/2013 Healthy Holidays

Being Healthy for the HolidaysHealthy Holidays


The Holiday season is upon us! We all know what this means, more shopping, more family time with one another, and more sweets, treats and delicious eats. With all the hustle and bustle that happens during this time of year don’t forget to place some importance on staying active throughout the winter. Glide Bikes knows that for many of you there may be cold weather outside deterring you from some of the things your family may be used to doing together. That’s why Glide Bikes has come up with a list of simple things to do to keep your kids moving!

1.  Play your favorite holiday songs and have a dance party! Music, although not everyone’s favorite part of the season, helps to create lasting memories, especially for the kids. This is why we think jamming to some festive tunes is a great way to not only get your kids up and moving around, but also allows for them to enjoy the holiday spirit!

2.  Cleaning relay! Most of us have resigned ourselves to the realization that cleaning is a must, but the reality that it needs to be done doesn’t make it any more fun to do. That’s why we suggest making it a more exciting experience! Try having one of the children start by washing a dish. When the washing is done have the children carefully pass the dish to the next kid, who will proceed to dry the dish. The first child then runs to a designated location (down the stairs, past a hallway or to the other side of the room) and then gets in to the end of the line to continue helping. The second child in line starts drying the dish and once they’ve finished they hand the dish to the next child in line. Afterwards they run to the designated location, return and get back in line. The child with the dish now places it where it goes and then runs to the chosen destination, then returns and gets in line. Turning cleaning into a competitive, yet lighthearted, event makes the daily dish grind not only more bearable, but a great event that brings the kids together and gets them off the couch!

3.  Put on your winter coats and take a walk!Even if it’s cold outside you can still create a fun adventure for you and your family by venturing out into the nippy weather. Taking time to explore the outdoors in colder conditions creates a bonding experience for you and your family and can even be an adventure. Try telling stories while you’re walking to keep imaginations wandering, and not concentrated on the cold! Soon, you’ll be walking so quickly you won’t even feel the chilly weather outside.

We hope that you enjoyed these fun tips. If you’re in an area that doesn’t get too cold in the winter we hope that you’ll enjoy teaching your children how to ride a bike with our balance bikes! Glide Bikes is dedicated to creating enjoyable experiences for children through making the bike learning process an easy and smooth experience for parents and kid