Date added: 10/14/2013 Glide Bikes Grow Confidence

Do you have a child who needs a confidence boost, especially when it comes to learning how to ride? Never fear, Glide Bikes is here with a few suggestions and a couple of reminders as to why our balance bikes can help take your kid from fearful to fearless!


Why a balance bike?

Why would a balance bike help your child gain confidence when they already struggle with the idea of riding a bike?

 Our bike is different! The bike is low to the ground making the distance of any potential fall less intimidating. Our bikes are lightweight,ensuring that your child can easily manipulate the bike AND in the event that your child does fall, it won’t pin your child down. Glide Bikes are designed with slow speed geometry making our bikes able to balance at very low speeds. This gives your kid the satisfaction of being able to balance, even when they’re not confident enough to go fast yet, building up their achievements with each successful glide! Our balance bikes have less moving parts making there less to think about and allowing your child to focus on the hardest task of balancing before concerning themselves with the minor details, like gears and pedals.

 The bottom line is your child will feel safe with our bike. Less moving parts, lightweight and easily maneuverable, low to the ground, and easy to balance all equate to more time to focus on improvement and the successes that are made. This is sure to result in one happy, confident glider.


Tips and pointers 

The idea behind balance bikes is pretty simple. Provide kids with a bicycle that they can power through walking and/or running, a bike they have control over to teach them balance and steering before teaching them how to pedal. Although it’s a pretty simple idea, there are some things you can do to encourage the experience to go smoothly and simply. We have created a list of tips and pointers for you and your child to help promote a quick and easy process. 

1.       Let your child take the wheel 

Instead of using the foot pegs as a way for you to push your future glider around, turn the foot pegs so they are parallel with the frame or remove them. Encourage them to take it out for a spin on their own, without you holding on to the back. Don’t worry! All they need to do is stand up if they’re feeling wobbly and they can do that without fear or injury! 

2.       It's OK to start out slow 

Some kids aren’t going to get on the bike and be super speeders right away, and that’s OK! Even if your kid is starting off by going slow they will still be learning how to balance and building up skills and confidence. Encourage them to keep improving but applaud their accomplishments as they continue to get better! 

3.       It’s OK to make mistakes

If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. Balance bikes are easy to use and should result in few to no tumbles, spills, tears, or “uh ohs,” but if your child does lose balance its OK! Thankfully the bike is low to the ground and lightweight so even if a fall occurs your child should still be safe. Additionally the bike is not intimidating to get back on and try again. Your child can go slower, turn the lightweight bike more easily, and achieve more successful balancing through a balance bike than any other children’s bike on the market. Be sure to applaud your kids for getting back up and trying again!


We LOVE seeing kids succeed and have fun at Glide Bikes, and that’s why we want you to have the best product and the best experience possible! Let us know about your great Glide Bike experience on our testimonials page or share about it on our Facebook page.