Date added: 08/25/2014 Glide Bikes Clinic for Exceptional Children

Glide Bikes held a bike clinic for exceptional children this past week. Taking place in Wilmington North Carolina’s Ogden Park on August 20th, Glide Bikes had the pleasure of working with a group of children who had autism. Throughout the clinic we paired children with a properly sized Glide Bike, made sure they were suited up with a fitted helmet, and, with the help of our Licensed Certified Instructor (LCI*), were able to start creating positive cycling experiences.

It all starts with the demonstration of how to “walk the bike” and progresses to one on one walk throughs of the track, and then on the bike trail. By creating a ‘comfort zone’ where kids didn’t have to worry about falling down, and then encouraging them to push themselves, kids were able to take longer and longer strides, many even lifting up both legs and starting to glide! This is the process that everyone who utilizes a balance bike goes through, but with the assistance of a LCI, the proper setting, and hardy encouragement Glide Bikes was able to help create an atmosphere that stimulated confidence and helped kids propel forward!

In addition to letting the kids get some practice balancing we also wanted to allow children to create their own positive cycling experiences. Glide Bikes’ goal is for people of all ages and abilities to learn how to ride, and enjoy it! While the task of learning can be overwhelming for anyone to think about, we believe that the learning becomes manageable when broken down into smaller tasks, and when each task is comfortable it naturally pushes you towards the next step. The kids had positive experiences with Glide Bikes, and that will make the next steps easier.

Glide Bikes partnered with Surfers Healing in Wrightsville Beach, NC to connect families with lessons aimed towards creating rewarding and fulfilling experiences for children with autism. The Surfers Healing event happens once annually and Glide Bikes is looking forward to the possibility of joining with them for another satisfying year in 2015. 


*LCI is licensed by the League of American Bicyclists