Date added: 06/02/2014 Energy Boosting Snacks

 You’ve scheduled the time to take your family out, explore the outdoors and maybe even get some exercise while you’re at it. There’s just one problem: the kids look like they might not be able to make it back! This is where you come in to save the day. Snacks, but not just any kind of snacks. Today we’ll give you choices for healthy and energizing snacks for kids and grownups alike, so even if you’re the one who is lagging behind after a few quick snacks you too will be back up and ready to go. 

Whole grains: Foods with these nutrient-packed carbs give you instant energy to help power through to the next pit stop. Plus, the extra nutrients help overall mood and stamina! Try packing foods like whole grain bread, brown rice, or oatmeal to keep you and your party moving down the path. 

Nuts: With literally no additional work required these protein infused treats give everyone the opportunity to pack in the strength building fuel found in nuts. Try using almonds, cashews or pistachios for a protein kick start to motivate your group to get moving. 

Fruits: Filled with fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants fruits like apples, blackberries, and strawberries give appleour bodies the necessary hydration and stimulation to keep it working properly. Plus in addition to its ability to be processed efficiently, the fructose also helps it taste delicious, making it a fan favorite for families everywhere. 

You can mix, match and choose which concoction to bring and when to refuel, but we’ll share a few of our favorite recipes that will fill you up and move you forward when it seems like no one has the steam to keep moving. 

Oatmeal Mix 

Before you meet the day and your new adventure make sure and pack up on protein and stamina with this healthy, but energizing, choice for a fun, delicious breakfast. 

½ Cup cooked oatmeal

2 Tbsp. brown sugar 

Sliced almonds 

Sliced apples

Dessert Sandwich 

This is a great snack to pack, filled with almond protein, sweet and refreshing strawberries and those energy enduring carbohydrates, the desert sandwich is sure to lift the spirits of any droopy-eyed participants in your group. 

2 Slices of whole-grain bread 

Layer of chocolate flavored almond spread 

Sliced strawberries


almond spread

Fruit Bowl 

With fruit, crackers, and cheese, not much can go wrong. That’s why this fun snack is something kids will love chewing down on and enjoy getting the energy boost from the vitamins in the fruit, and the protein found in the crackers. 

Almond crackers 

Sliced fruits or berries 

Small dab of cream cheese (or a slice of your favorite cheese) 

When you are planning a day out with the family, whether it is for a bike riding adventure, a day at the lake or the beach, a hike up the mountain, or even just a walk to the park make sure to have your day planned out in advance and that everyone’s skill and ability level is taken into account. 

Sometimes it can be tough finding an activity that is engaging enough for more athletic, or older members of the family, while others are left behind, or end up feeling like they’re holding the group back. To avoid this try to think of something fun that everyone can participate in. Going to a lake, or beach area often offers many different activities for people to participate in, giving people with a wide range of abilities and skill sets the opportunity to have fun and feel challenged. 

Have a member of your family who is still too young to have developed a strong enough set of legs to keep up on that hiking trip, or biking activity you’ve had on your wish list for a while? Look into backpacks, or carry along products that allow kids to still be with you and experience the outdoors, but let you do the work transporting them there. That way they get to enjoy the final destination and the experience of travel. 

Wherever you go with your friends and family make sure to pack plenty of water and snacks, because no one likes to be carried back down the trail, especially mom or dad!