Date added: 09/22/2014 Create a Unique Learning Experience

Take your time with balance bikes. With a balance bike by your side you can truly take your time to enjoy the process. Learning how to ride a bike should be something fun and natural, not something that forces you outside of your comfort zone prematurely. With a Glide Bikes balance bike your child will be able to put themselves into a position of power, deftly maneuvering throughout the neighborhood and gliding while learning that vital bike riding skill, balance. Your child will be able to develop at their own pace with a balance bike. This element to the bike learning process is an important one, often overlooked and impossible to obtain when using the ‘aide’ of training wheels. After taking off the training wheels children are thrust into an environment that often tests their abilities before they have had a chance to perfect them, often times before they’ve even been offered the opportunity to develop the skills.Outside Balance Bike

Create the bike learning experience you want with a balance bike. Balance bikes offer far more diverse and creative experiences than you can obtain with training wheels. Because training wheels make the bike more difficult to turn under tight conditions, heavier to pedal, and easier to fall over, it severely limits your opportunities for where you can explore with your bike. When you have a balance bike, the places you can go expand as far as your imagination can carry you. Tried taking your bike through the forest? Through the bike trails? Off road? Back yard, front yard? The beach? With feet as your motor anywhere that you can walk turns into somewhere you can glide. Don’t be afraid to design your individualized learning creation with a balance bike and explore all of your surroundings.

Show your true colors with a balance bike. With the incredible selection of colors and sizes that Glide Bikes offers its customers it’s easy to find a bike that matches your preference and personality. Browsing our easy to use online store, you can find not only a bike that fits you best, but you can also pick out the best accessories to match. Bells, bike chains, and helmets are must haves for any bike enthusiast, including your new balance bike rider. Don’t let anything stop you from expressing yourself with a balance bike of any color.

The next step is to earn your stripes with a balance bike. Balance bikes can be a little tough for some kiddos right out of the gate. It can take a little time to adjust to having to walk the bike, especially if your child is familiar with using a bike with training wheels or even a tricycle. That is why we often suggest having your kid watch a video, or videos, of children using the balance bike as intended before they get out there on the bike. This usually helps minimize the transition time between first seeing a balance bike, and learning how to use one to its full benefit. After the initial learning curve is completed, it’s time to test yourself by utilizing your balance bike in new and exciting ways.

Take the opportunity to control your learning experience with a balance bike from Glide Bikes and make progress with balance.

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