Balance Bikes Mini Glider™ Skuut Strider Like a Bike Jumper Specialized Hot Walk
Price $99.99 $89.99 $98.00 $269.00 $160.00
Warranty Lifetime 1 Year 1 Year 2 Years 5 years limited
Foot Pegs for Gliding Fun Yes No No No No
Quick Release, Adjustable Seat to Grow with Child Yes (12”–18.5” range) No (Tool Required / Limited to pre-drilled holes) Optional (11”-16” range) No (Tool required 13.5”-18.5”) No (Tool required / 1” range)
Adjustable Handlebar Yes – 3” No Yes No No
Geometry Mountain Bike Design (Lower, safer center of balance) Not specified Seat tube angle 70 degrees / Head tube angle 70 degrees Not specified Seat tube angle 71.5 degrees / Head tube angle 72 degrees
Balancing Speed 1.5 MPH (the lowest & safest speed) Not specified Not specified Not specified Not specified
Tires EVA Foam (never needs air!) Air EVA foam Air Air
Braking System Child-sized Hand Brake No Optional No No
Weight 8 lbs. 10 lbs 7 lbs.without Brake 7.5 lbs. 8 lbs.
Frame Material 6061 Alloy (Lightweight, Rust-proof) Wood Steel Aluminum Aluminum
Wheels Smooth-rolling Composite ball bearing Wood Plastic mags Spokes Alloy Alloy steel spokes
Paint Lead-Free Metallic Red, Blue & Pink No Yes (standard gloss) Yes (Fork and rear end) Yes
Steering Limited range prevents accidents Limited range Unlimited Range Limited Range Unlimited Range
Weight Limit 100 lbs. Not specified 50 lbs. Not specified Not specified
Head Set Ball bearing (Adjustable, long-lasting) No (wood on wood) Plastic bushing(short life span / not adjustable) Ball Bearing Ball Bearing
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