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Date added: 10/10/2013 Figpickle’s Tower of Toys Benefit

In June Glide Bikes announced that it would be donating a set of balance bikes to help support their charity efforts this year! Figpickle’s Toy Emporium decided to raffle off two sets of “toy towers” and donate all the proceeds to JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. We are pleased to announce that the fundraiser event was a HUGE success resulting in $2637.59 being donated to the foundation and two lucky young ladies received a Mini Glider!

We would like to thank Figpickle’s Toy Emporium for their dedication to supporting a healthier tomorrow for children! Read the full article HERE.


Lucky Winner




Date added: 10/01/2013 Family Fun Day with Cape Fear SORBA

Glide Bikes was thrilled when we found out that we would be joining up with the Family Fun Day hosted by the Cape Fear SORBA Group. The fun-filled event is on October 19th at Brunswick Nature Park. Glide Bikes will be there with a demo and training session designed to teach kids how to get comfortable with balance bikes on our custom built track.

Once the kids are feeling prepared we will be having some balance bike races! Kids will be supplied with helmets and bikes, and races will be divided by age group. Prizes will be awarded and we are expecting to have tons of fun while helping kids get excited about exercise.  

Date added: 09/24/2013 "Fish for a Friend" Fishing Tournament

Glide Bikes is proud to help sponsor the "Fish for a Friend" fishing tournament hosted by SaltWater Marine. Proceeds fromStella the tournament go towards helping two year old Stella who has been diagnosed with Lymphblastic Leukemia and has struggled along the road to recovery. After enduring some very poor reactions to chemotherapy, and being hospitalized multiple times throughout the process, Stella and family are in need of financial support. 

Help us in supporting this very deserving young lady and sign up for the tournament at or make a donation to support the cause. In addition to raising money for a noble cause, the tournament should be tons of fun! With prizes ranging from fishing poles and vacations, to Glide Bikes and gift cards, there is something here for everyone. Enjoy music, food, and some friendly competition and help us to support Stella!

Date added: 09/20/2013 Bike Workshop with Kim's Gym 4 Kids

Kim's Gym

What is more satisfying than seeing kids achieve? At Glide Bikes, not a whole lot tops children being able to learn and grow, except for maybe seeing kids having fun! Thanks to Kim’s Gym 4 Kids, who hosted a bike-riding workshop for youngsters aged from 3-5, we were able to help instruct and supervise kids of all different abilities and help them gain skills and confidence when riding a bike and balancing!

Kim’s Gym 4 Kids is a great program located in our very own home town of Wilmington, NC. It’s a place where kids are exposed to athletic opportunities, from team soccer and basketball to yoga and Zumba. Of course they also have the occasional bike riding workshop as well! The gym is the perfect place for preschoolers to get excited about physical education by making athletics and training your body something that’s fun and rewarding!


Glide Bikes is excited to announce that during the workshop we were able to see several kids graduate from one of our Glide Bikes balance bikes to a two wheel bike, all with NO TRAINING WHEELS. Our very own Glide Bikes guru and certified instructor, Mike, described his favorite part of the workshop as, “seeing how much fun the kids were having and how excited they were to share their accomplishments with their parent’s afterwards.” It doesn’t get better than that! 

Date added: 09/10/2013 2013: 63rd Conference on Exceptional Children

Conference on Exceptional Children 

In November the Glide Bikes team will be attending the 63rd Conference on Exceptional Children, an event where educators, professionals, and parents of children with disabilities come together to share and learn about “exciting practices to help children achieve.” We are so thrilled to be a part of this year’s conference and can’t wait to share the benefits of using a Glide Bike.


Why are Glide Bikes so great for children with disabilities?


Glide Bikes help to teach kids motor skills and coordination. Because our bikes balance at the low speed of 2mph even those who are hesitant, or have not developed great coordination yet, can be successful at learning how to synchronize their body and the bike. With our slow speeds, and the omission of pedals, chains, and gears, children are able to focus on what really matters, balance and coordination, and in the process they will gain confidence in their physical abilities!

We are happy to be sharing all the positive improvement that can come from using a Glide Bike and we hope to see lots of new and happy riders come

Date added: 09/06/2013 Top 10 Reasons Balance Bikes are Better!

1.    Safer 

Balance bikes offer a safe and worry-free method for teaching your kids the joys of riding a bike! With your child being low enough to the ground to stand up and stop the bike before falling over, a balance bike will significantly reduce the chances of a scraped knee, or worse, fear of bike riding! 


2.    More Efficient 

ImageA balance bike is a better tool for learning how to ride than training wheels. Why? Because it allows kids to focus on balancing and steering, the scary parts of bike riding, while taking the fear out of the experience. By taking away the pedals, gears, and chains, balance bikes are also able to weigh much less than a traditional child’s bike. Weighing only 8-10 pounds your child won’t have any trouble keeping the bike up, or suddenly stopping. 


3.    More Control 

What is it about a balance bike that gives a child more control? With our Glide Bike you get our patented low speed downhill geometry of just 2mph. This guarantee should put your mind, and your child’s mind, at ease when gliding down even the steepest hills. The slow speed helps your child feel in control of how fast they’re going and empowers them to stop easily and without much resistance. 


4.    Less Distractions 

When learning to ride a bike with training wheels there is a lot to keep in mind. Not only does your child need to worry about keeping themselves balanced when the training wheels come off, but there is steering, breaking, pedaling, and sometimes even gears! With a balance bike, the distractions are gone. All that your child needs to focus on is getting better at balancing, and how steering a bike works! Once your kid masters the art of balance they’ll be biking like a pro. 


5.    More Independence 

Using training wheels requires a lot of adult intervention. Helping your kid feel safe when they’re far from the ground while teaching them how to keep from tipping over can be a daunting task. When your child is not dependent on you for balance and momentum they can progress at their own speed. With a balance bike your child can take the initiative to learn and develop their skills, giving them independence and confidence! 


6.    Happier Experience 

When creating a foundation for future childhood memories you want the milestone of riding a bike to stick out as fun! Training wheels can make the experience of being outdoors and biking one that isn’t enjoyable. This can all be avoided with a balance bike, swapping the time consuming training sessions with Mom and Dad for the joy of being outdoors and learning something new.  


7.    Less Stress 

We know that learning and training can be stressful! From tying shoelaces to reading and math, when expectations aren’t met both sides get frustrated at how slowly things are going. Using a balance bike as a training tool for a skill that can be difficult to master really helps keep the peace and allows both parties to see improvements more quickly.  


8.    Less Time 

While typically it can take months of practice with the use of training wheels before kids can confidently ride a bike, parents have been experiencing success in a matter of weeks through the use of balance bikes. Balance bikes allow kids to immediately enjoy practicing their balance and the payoff is quicker! 


9.    More Reliable 

If you are looking for a bike that not only allows for a smooth training experience, but one that will be reliable and last, then our Glide Bikes are for you. All of our Glide Bikes come with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that your child will have a high quality product for years and years. 


10.  More Fun! 

Possibly the most important reason why we think the balance bike is better is because it’s more fun! If you take away all the training, safety, and logistical benefits, you’re left with the simplicity of your child enjoying the outdoors and being in control of their fitness and physical education. Having your child immediately be able to enjoy the experience of riding a bike, without the time it takes to get through the training wheel phase, is the best reason to go with a balance bike!

Date added: 08/30/2013 Free Glider!

Hey Everyone!

Want a chance to win a free Mini Glider? Just follow the following link and fill out the form; nothing else to it. Good luck and enjoy.

Date added: 08/19/2013 Free Mini Glider Giveaway

Hello All! We are proud to partner with and sponsor Mommy' with a Free Mini Glider. She will be holding a contest for the free Glider that ends at the end of August. So hurry over to her site and check out the great review.


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