Date added: 05/16/2014 Better Safe than Sorry!

We often focus on keeping our kids safe, whether they’re on a balance bike, big kid bike, or learning to drive a car. What we sometimes forget about is the importance of keeping our vehicles secure.Lock

I can’t even remember how many times I misplaced my keys growing up. This lead to some unhappy mornings where I would be late for class and left scrambling to find where that shiny piece of metal had disappeared to. It even factored into my first part time job, where I would come into work already frazzled and apologizing up and down for my own disorganization.

Of course all of this could have been avoided by practicing a better routine and developing more stable habits. If I had been more aware of where I was leaving them, or been more consistent with where I left them, the frantic apologies and missed coursework would not have been necessary.

That’s why learning the importance of taking responsibility over the security of a balance bike becomes such a vital lesson for kids to learn when they’re younger. Developing the skills to be cognizant of where you’re leaving your keys or security locks is something that kids can start taking responsibility for now. That way, when the time comes for them to be responsible for those bigger items, it just comes naturally.

Thankfully, balance bikes are a fabulous tool to begin teaching this invaluable lesson. When kids are presented with something fun and engaging while being offered the responsibility of taking care of it, it gives them an incentive to take better care of it. Most kids instantly enjoy gliding on a Glide Bikes balance bike, and when given the opportunity to take more ownership over the balance bike, most kids will take pride in keeping it safe!

This is why Glide Bikes has started offering bike locks for their customers as an option to add to their balance bike order. Not only do these accessories offer protection for your balance bikes, but they also come in fun, vibrant colors and exciting animal shapes that will be sure to engage your child in bike riding and responsibility.

Be sure to pick up a bike lock with your balance bike purchase today and foster growth and enthusiasm in your child!

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