Date added: 01/13/2014 Benefits of Bike Riding

Glide BikeLearning how to ride a bike provides many benefits to young children. Some of the benefits are pretty clear. Learning to ride a bike gives them a new skill, provides another fun form of exercises, and lets them learn more about the general expectations and rules of the road. Others benefits of learning how to ride are more subtle. When children learn how to ride they are not only learning a new skill, but through their success and achievement, they are also able to achieve more self-confidence.

It is so important to take these concerns into consideration when making the choice of which bike you should get for your child who hasn’t mastered the balancing act of bike riding yet. Getting a bike that is difficult to maneuver, or one that makes the transition process to a traditional two wheel bike more challenging than necessary can put a serious dent into your child’s motivation. Your child might even suffer from injured self-esteem that could postpone their ability and drive to master bike riding for years.

Many children learning to ride a bike struggle through the act of taking off the training wheels. They need mom and dad to push, and are more likely to discover that falling off the big boy/girl bike is no fun at all. But while many are using a difficult method of bike learning, some children are finding all it takes are the right tools to just get up on the traditional bike and pedal off.

Glide Bikes are a type of balance bike that are designed to teach your child how to ride without the hassle of training wheels. These pedal less, running  bikes are created with low speed, mountain bike geometry that allows the bike to facilitate balancing at low speeds, making it easy and intuitive for children to learn how to balance on a Glide Bike.

Kids learn faster with less drama when using a Glide Bike to learn how to ride. Give your kids all the benefits of learning to ride the fun and easy way, with a Glide Bike!