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The funnest, easiest way to learn to ride a bike. Parents love the value and versatility of a 2 in 1 bike that transitions from a balance bike to pedal bike.

The Mini Glider, the original Glide Bike, is the perfect balance bike for children ages 2-5 years old to begin their cycling experience. Take a look through our four cool colors and know that regardless of which one you choose your bike will have all the features to prepare you for the next step! Mini Glider balance bikes come standard with a hand brake and foot pegs, and now have air tires ensuring that you’ll have all the tools you need to learn balance, braking and the rules of the road before you even start on a traditional two wheel pedal bike. If you’re ready to be a step ahead of the pack the Glide Bike Mini Glider is the right bike for you!

You can now purchase a Pedal Assembly to convert your standard Mini Glider into a full pedal bike!

*Note: due to a redesign of the stem we no longer include pads on the handlebar as they are no longer needed.


Product Dimensions:
36" x 25" x 4"
Cromoly Steel Alloy -- for a strong durable long lasting frame.
Geometry :
Patented slow speed geometry for the lowest balance speed 2MPH
Lightweight aluminum alloy rims with spokes
Air tires, perfect to handle any type of terrain
Rear Hub:
Sealed bearings
Front Hub:
Sealed bearings


Long lasting steel Ball Bearing
Ergonomic hand grips
Adjustable 1" quill
Adjustable 22.5"-24"
Brake Lever:
Easy to use with reach adjuster
Attachable pedal system
Foot Pegs:
Removable foot pegs to make learning and gliding a breeze
Ergonomic padded youth
Seat Post:
Adjustable 12"-17.5"
I purchased the blue mini glider for my grandson, who is three years old. I can't say enough about the service, first off, and when the bike arrived, my grandson was thrilled. Hard to get him off it. Thanks for the wonderful service.
I love this bike and my 3 year old likes it. It is taking him some time to get used to it, but this is a kid who tends to take his time in accepting ride-on toys. We've had it 3 months. He rides on it periodically and improves his ability to manage it notably with every ride. It's not comfortable yet so he prefers his tricycle. It will take him more time to be able to glide easily and balance without falling to one side. What is nice it that when he falls or loses his balance--which is part of the learning process-- he does not get hurt by getting hit by a wheel or caught in a chain. Initially he was looking for pedals, but when we called it his glider consistently instead of a bike he got with it.

My son is very tall for a 3 year old about 44" and right at the cut off for the next size up, the Go Glider. The owner answered the phone(!) and helped me to choose the mini-glider for a rider so young. (Thank you SO much!) This was the right decision. A smaller bike is always easier to handle especially for a new learner. I think we'll get the seat extender once my son has discovered his balance.

I spent hours and hours online considering every brand I could identify including Skuut and Strider on Amazon, ToyRUs, and independent websites. I chose this one for its strong build, solid tires, adjustable seat, hand break, kick stand, dimensions, and the placement of the foot rest that is closer to the construction of a bicycle.

I am convinced that this is the very best way for a child to learn to ride a bike. Once a child achieves balance they can ride anything.
We bought this one since they were out of the smaller bikes. He is still a little to small for it but he sure tries to ride it and loves to be pushed around!
This was very easy to put together. I bought it for my Grandson. He is 3 1/2. He loves it. He is already gliding along. It does take some time to get the hang of it before they pick up there feet. He hasn't used the foot rest yet, but loves the hand break when he goes too fast. A great bike that fits easily in my trunk when we go to the park.
My 20 month old hasn't gotten the hang of gliding yet, but she just loves to climb on the bike and "Braapppp" on it! We're a dirt biking family and she gets a little disappointed that it just doesn't take off and make a lot of noise. :) I'm glad it doesn't because she's learning how to ride in the house. From the looks of it, she'll be wheeling around on this for several years. Thanks for making such a great product!
We bought this for our grandson's 2nd birthday. Within a half hour he had enough balance to do it himself. Now we can't keep him off of it. This is a very durable product.
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