Date added: 07/17/2014 Balance Bikes can Mobilize Your World

Life can speed up when children enter our world. With high energy, and sometimes short attention spans it can be a “go, go, go,” way of life for parents with youngsters. The “go, go, go,” however can turn into “going real slow,” once that cute little ball of energy loses steam and starts winding down for a nap. 

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Where are we going with all this? It can be difficult to go on walks, take trips around the neighborhood, or even have a day at the park without your buddy being rendered incapable of walking back home because of the energy exerted during the walk there. You might be used to having your kids ride coach in strollers, but especially as they begin getting older the stroller becomes less appealing for both you and your child. As the kids grow heavier it can be more difficult to cart them around, while your kids may find it increasingly uncomfortable, not to mention boring!

Here is where balance bikes come in to play, effectively turning your world around! Balance bikes can grow your children, in more ways than one. The initial purpose of a balance bike is to teach kids how to balance, creating a positive bike-learning experience that children can carry with them for the rest of their lives. This is a great alternative to the often frightening and stressful situation that many children encounter when the training wheels are taken off.

Learning how to balance on a bike isn’t the only plus side to the balance bike benefits though! Balance bikes can offer children a way to move further distances with less effort. This is great news if you’re one of the parents who struggle with an exhausted toddler on your way home from the park! Kids on Gliders are more effective movers and goers, and while they’re traveling more efficiently they’re gaining a better understanding of their neighborhood. With Glide Bike’s handbrake and foot pegs it allows for Glider riders to start acquainting themselves with stopping, traffic laws, and the rules of the road.

The fabulous balance bikes benefits don’t end there though. Balance bikes are the perfect solution for your timid toddler. If you find yourself having a difficult time encouraging your child to even hop on a bike with training wheels, it may be time to move on to a better solution. Glide Bikes are created for children of any ability, and any age, to move their own pace through the learning process. With Glide Bikes being low to the ground children can easily stop gliding if they feel uncomfortable with the speed, or if they feel they are losing their balance! If children are struggling initially to understand how to use a Glide Bikes balance bike, we always encourage them to check out the video below for a little guidance and instruction on how to propel themselves forward and start finding their way towards long distance balancing. Sometimes just watching one in action will help children pick up the missing pieces and take off!

Balance bikes really do help pave the way for successful childhood experiences. Kids can move at their own speed, pick up skills, and move further distances with less effort (with parental supervision of course, AND a helmet!). The skills learned make the important milestone of childhood, the transition to a ‘big kid bike,’ something positive and exciting. With a Glide Bike it is easy to glide and fun to ride!