Why Do We make Glide Bikes, balance bikes?

Riding bikes is our passion, and we believe that the earlier we can help kids learn how to ride a bike, the sooner they can experience the joys and freedom that we feel every time we get on a bike. Glide Bikes balance bikes are designed to include all age groups and skill levels, from two-year-olds to adults.

In fact, our newest model, the Super Glider, is specifically designed for adults, as well as older children with special needs. Put simply, we get a huge thrill every time our Glide Bikes help somebody learn to ride. 

How do we accomplish this?

In order to make bikes that are both fun and easy to ride, we incorporate special ‘balance bike’ technology. This means that our Glide Bikes are low to the ground, which has several benefits. First, and most importantly, the rider has a low center of gravity, making it extremely easy to balance.

Our bikes also include patented slow speed geometry, which allows the balance bike to achieve balance at 2mph. And, since the pavement is only inches away from the rider’s feet, falls are easily preventable: the rider only has to drop both feet to stop, “Flintstones” style. Furthermore, our Glide Bikes learning bikes are extremely lightweight. So, in the event of a fall, your child will not be pinned beneath the bike.

Essentially, Glide Bikes pedal-less bikes help children gain confidence, which makes the transition to larger bikes much less frustrating for both parents and children.