Date added: 09/10/2013 2013: 63rd Conference on Exceptional Children

Conference on Exceptional Children 

In November the Glide Bikes team will be attending the 63rd Conference on Exceptional Children, an event where educators, professionals, and parents of children with disabilities come together to share and learn about “exciting practices to help children achieve.” We are so thrilled to be a part of this year’s conference and can’t wait to share the benefits of using a Glide Bike.


Why are Glide Bikes so great for children with disabilities?


Glide Bikes help to teach kids motor skills and coordination. Because our bikes balance at the low speed of 2mph even those who are hesitant, or have not developed great coordination yet, can be successful at learning how to synchronize their body and the bike. With our slow speeds, and the omission of pedals, chains, and gears, children are able to focus on what really matters, balance and coordination, and in the process they will gain confidence in their physical abilities!

We are happy to be sharing all the positive improvement that can come from using a Glide Bike and we hope to see lots of new and happy riders come