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Date added: 06/10/2015 Ways to Keep the Summer Healthy

Healthy Technology

When trying to create a healthy lifestyle for our families, technology can often be seen as the enemy. Video games,

television, movies, and general web surfing can all be major distractions from the goal of getting active and getting outside. Even though these types of time-sucking tech devices are pervasive, technology does not always have to be the enemy.


There are now apps out there that allow kids to track what they eat in a healthy and kid-friendly way, without the use of a calorie counter feature. Calorie counters can often cause confusion about the overall healthfulness of a food or snack item by only monitoring the unit, and not taking into account the other nutritional elements.


Especially as the summer is beginning and kids are out of school, it can be easy to slip from routine and start negative habits. With more time out of the classroom and easier access to the technology temptations that we all face every day, it can be difficult to resist the soft glow of the screen. By integrating health-conscious technological applications with part of their summer routine, it can make your kid’s day fun and beneficial.


Although nothing replaces a good bike ride outdoors with a Glide Bike excursion!


Read the full story here: App Helps Kids Stay Healthy, Eat Right

Date added: 06/02/2015 A Fun Time to Run

Last Saturday was an absolute blast at the Ogden Stride into Summer 5k and Fun Run. We had a great time connecting with the community, and being a part of the events hosted by Ogden Elementary School.  As one of the local companies who contributed to the event through sponsorship, Glide Bikes was proud to giveaway a brand new Pink Ezee Glider to one of the lucky participants of the raffle.

Thank you, Ogden Elementary School, for hosting such a fun event, and for letting us be a part of such a unique experience with our city. We can’t wait until next year! 


Glide Bikes Fun Run     Glide Bikes Fun Run

Date added: 05/27/2015 Princeton School District Success!

JoAnn Moats, a Developmental Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Princeton School District shared with us her Glide Bikes experience and the success she's had with Glide Bikes, both in her personal life, and professional: 

"When I first hear about using balance bikes to teach kids how to ride a 2-wheel bike, I was very interested to see if it really worked. purchased a small glide bike to test out the idea with my 4 younger grandchildren.  Unbelievable!  I had them all riding within a few days.  
Being a teacher of students with special needs, I decided it would be a great idea to use glide bikes with my students. The results have been amazing! In late September, 2014, I received my glide bikes and since then, 4 of my students are now riding 2-wheel bikes! Three of my students have  downs syndrome and one has physical disabilities. They are all so happy and excited to be able to ride a bike like their peers.  They are beaming with confidence!  As an adapted physical education teacher, mother, and grandmother, I will always teach a child, with or with out disabilities, to ride a bike by beginning on a glide bike.  Thank you glide bike for all your help and direction!"
- JoAnn Moats


Date added: 05/18/2015 Outside in the Summer

It’s May, and that means that the school year is winding down. As Healthy Kids day reminded us, kids are often exposed to less opportunities for exercise or outdoor activities during the summer when school is not in session.

School allows children access to other kids and social situations that can easily lead to group activities where physical exertion is involved. Recess, extra-curricular activities and physical education classes all contribute to outlets for kids to get that heart rate up and let off some steam.Healthy Kids Glide Bikes

Sometimes it can be difficult to ensure that your kids get the same sort of scheduled and consistent outdoor activity at home as they are exposed to throughout the school year. Making sure your kids have access and are reminded about fun and engaging ways to spend time moving can make the summers more productive and enriching for your kids.

Whether it is learning how to balance on their very first Glide Bikes balance bike, taking a traditional two wheel bike and strolling through the neighborhood, shooting some hoop, roller skating, or playing a quick game of tag with other kids, providing and informing your children of these opportunities is an important part of their summer experience.

So this summer make getting outside, and moving around an important part of your family’s summer experience.

Date added: 04/29/2015 Ogden Stride into Summer 2015

Ogden Elementary School is hosting their second annual Stingray “Stride into Summer” 5k/Fun Run & Walk. Hosted by the elementary school’s PTA, it is an event that helps build community in a fun, engaging, and positive way.

The event takes place on Saturday, May 30 2015 at Ogden Elementary School in Wilmington, NC and starts at 8:00 AM. Glide Bikes will be one of the many local sponsors supporting the community activity. For those participating there is a small fee for registering for the Fun Run and the 5K. You can register at

After last year’s successful outing we are looking forward to another great opportunity to connect with community members and to support positive healthy engagement with one another. We look forward to seeing any of our local neighbors there!

community balance bike

Date added: 04/27/2015 Safe Kids, Safe Riders

balance bikes

Michael from Glide Bikes chairs the education committee for Cape Fear Cyclists and he worked with Safe Kids Cape Fear on Saturday to put on a bike rodeo at the 2015 Healthy Kids Day in Wilmington, NC. Kids were outfitted with a properly sized helmet, an important element in bike safety, and once they were set up with all the right gear, they could head out onto the safety course. Kids were instructed how to ride safely by obeying traffic signs and using hand and arm signals. The course also helped children practice negotiating turns and what to do when crossing railroad tracks.

Children who have not ridden a two wheeled bicycle before had the opportunity to experiment with a Glide Bike where they could practice starting, stopping and perfecting balance. If kids ever felt uncomfortable, quickly placing one or both feet on the ground was enough to avoid a spill. Balance bikes are arguably the best way to learn how to ride a bike. A balance bike is a great tool to encourage kids to participate in safe bike practices while they’re learning to ride, and these lessons will carry on once they are pedaling off into the sunset.

balance bikes

Date added: 04/20/2015 Healthy Kids Day

Wilmington NC is taking a step towards city-wide education and experience to encourage a dialogue that will help inform people about health and fitness all while promoting community.Healthy Kids Day Wilmington NC

YMCA and the City of Wilmington are combining their efforts once again to host the 4th annual Healthy Kids Day event in Wilmington, NC. Taking place at Empie Park on April, 25th 2015 the event starts at 9:30 AM and goes until 1:00 PM. Admission is free and the activities available seem almost endless. The event is the culmination of groups dedicated to health practices, education and even includes health screenings.

Healthy Kids Day started as an effort to increase the physical activity that children are exposed to during the summer, offering them opportunities to remain engaged in educational pursuits, and providing them with the ability to interact and connect with others and their community. While kids are busy checking out the vast selection of group and individual sport events available to participate in, parents can parous the sponsorship booths to be up to date with health education and opportunities available for families to stay fit and active throughout the summer.

The sporting events available include tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, T-ball, soccer, and basketball. Other activities that will be provided include kids Zumba, yoga, a bicycle obstacle course and a 1 mile fun run/walk as well as a face painting booth. Health education booths and health screenings will be open to the community as well as a farmer’s market.

Check out the Healthy Kids day Website and visit the event at Empie Park this Saturday. 

Date added: 04/14/2015 Wilmington Earth Day Event

Wilmington, NC is having an Earth Day event on Saturday, April 25th, taking place at Hugh MacRae Park from 12pm-6pm. The theme of this year’s Earth Day festivities is based on the Food and Agriculture Organization’s designation of the year 2015 as the, “International Year of Soils.”

The event, in addition to providing fun and educational booths for kids of all ages to participate in, is aimed at creating an educational experience about the importance and benefits of healthy soil. The Earth Day Alliance is ready to demonstrate the importance of soil as it is used for crops that assist in feeding, sheltering and clothing us. While participants learn about soil as it relates to our human experiences, they also are exposed to methods that can help protect soil. Steps that can reduce soil pollution vary from reducing pollution, preventing erosion, rerouting and reducing stormwater runoff.Wilmington Earth Day

Wilmington’s Earth Day is a free opportunity to be entertained and informed, available for families and individuals of all ages. Glide Bikes is proud to be a part of this year’s Wilmington’s Earth Day. Kids can use a Glide Bikes Balance bike to practice balancing, motor skills and enjoying the cycling experience at their own pace. Cycling is a green way to travel and a great way to connect with the world around you. Fostering a love for cycling in people of all ages and abilities is a strong passion held at Glide Bikes. Through the Earth Day Event we will offer kids an easy and safe method for getting comfortable on a bike. Starting out on a balance bike minimizes fear that accompanies the traditional training wheel transition and allows kids to be fully prepared for how to balance, even at slow speeds.

Come on out and say hi to Glide Bikes and the rest of the Wilmington Earth Day crew, have fun, and learn some great tips about the earth and how we interact with it.

Learn more at the Wilmington Earth Day Website